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What is Trick Art?

“Trick Art” is the hands-on art produced by SD Corporation based on the long-term development of the creative activities, and “Trick Art” is a registered trademark of SD Corporation.
It is created by Kazumune Kenjyu, the founder of SD corporation and supported by original technology of the Trompe-l'œil of the Ancient Europe; technology for perspective, shadow method, combination of receding color. It is the Art originated in Japan

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Production work

Wall PaintingTrick Art wall painting

We develop various works
installable for any place without limitation.

Kazumune Kenjyu, the founder of SD Corporation started the Trick Art wall painting in 1984 aiming at creation of “the artwork suitable to the environment”.
Trick Art enables to offer the audience a surprise of “Oh No!” and a special enjoyment with mysterious feeling. Our work creates a sensation of audience. We have been developing the work at various places.

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MuseumTrick Art Museum

Trick Art Museum where at you can look,
touch and take photos, are expanding in 17 places.

“Trick Art Museum” was born in 1991 as the form of new visual communication
We would like the viewers to play in the space of Trick Art and touch directly the artworks. Furthermore, we generated the new operation and exhibition style that the viewers can take photos freely. As a result, we succeeded to create the whole new culture of art presentation that “You can experience the mysterious art by looking, touching and taking photos. It was renewed the old concept of Art Museum.

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EventTrick Art Exhibition

Trick Art Exhibition has popularity and
created outstanding number of recruitments
We conduct Trick Art exhibition at around 20 places per year in Japan.

Number of the exhibition exceeded every year from 1991 till now and we achieved the Trick Art exhibition is to be held at all over in Japan.
Furthermore, not only in Japan but also we conducted the Exhibition in oversea such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Las Vegas (USA), Taiwan, Indonesia and the ability to attract customers has thus been proved even in abroad.

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3D Art3D Art Work

Produced technology shows
our strength at digital development.

We also have been working on the production of 3D Art using the new PC digital technology by utilizing the techniques and idea to produce Trick Art for more than 30 years.
Our work is attracting many people from the various industries for the purpose of promotional exhibitions and decoration of the facility.

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Introduction of Art Work

We develop Trick Art work with the various theme including master piece painting, animal, marine organism, mythology and so on.
Please take a look at the mysterious and enjoyable Trick Art World.