3D Art(Digital Production)

Threat 3D Art is created based on the 30 years of experience producing the “Trick Art”

Trick Art was born when Kazumune Kenjyu, the founder of SD Corporation produced the wall painting.
We also work on the production of 3D Art using the new PC digital technology by utilizing the techniques and idea to produce Trick Art for more than 30 years.

3D Art made possible to realize the realistic and three dimensional expression which can never be done by normal graphic design!!

“Symphony with Nature” (Megurume Garden, Nagoya, Aichi)

Only Digital Production can make things happen!!
Huge Advertisement work appeared in one night in the place not any.

“Wall painting for Corona Beer Campaign” (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Flow through the completion of 3D Art

1 How to make a contact

Please use the CONTACT FORM for your inquiry. We will inform you of the rough estimation based on the information provided.

At the time of inquiry, what we want to ask from you.

Design Please kindly provide us the information as to what kind of design you wish us to make.
We appreciate any of the images or explanation in writing for our reference.
Size & Installation Site Please inform us of the size and installation site(Inside or Outside)
Schedule and Budget Please inform us of the expected delivery schedule and your budget.

Contact person:Kamiyama&Shiina, Planning and Development Division



2 Production of Draft Design and presentation

After we submitted the rough estimation, we will prepare the draft design if we think it is necessary.
*production schedule for draft design : Normally one week to 10 days

  • ラフデザイン
  • ラフデザイン

Case Study of Draft Design Proposal


The official Estimation will be submitted after draft design proposal is presented.
We normally prepare our proposal approximately one week to 10 days after we receive the inquiry.
*Please ask us the schedule when contacting us as there might be changes due to our production status.
*We may visit the actual site when we think it is necessary.


3 Actual Production and Delivery for 3D Art

Once the design is finalized through the step of design confirmation and make necessary amendments, we will proceed with the production of the actual image data for submission.
Although we basically conduct the data output and actual installation as one whole process, we can also deliver the image data upon request.
We do not sell the completed work data by itself.

  • 『3Dアート』の実制作・ご納品
  • 『3Dアート』の実制作・ご納品
  • 『3Dアート』の実制作・ご納品

Production Schedule

We will make a concrete schedule based on your expected delivery schedule.
Please provide us in advance if there is any point we shall consider including the conditions of installation site.


3D Art(Digital Production)


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