Corporate Profile

Greeting Message

Paintings are not for particular person but also for everyone who can enjoy with them.
This was the message by Kazumune Kenjyu, the founder of “Trick Art”.
Art group of SD Corporation, which Kazumune created, has been placing a high importance on the communication and impression of the people providing the artworks created in the space and environment, instead of regarding the paintings to be merely the purpose.
Trick Art will continue to evolve in order for the people in the world to experience the intellectual curiosity and abundance of mind.
Please look forward to our new challenge.

Hiroshi Shimizu, President
SD Corporation

Corporate Philosophy

We create a novel art and culture for people happiness.

It is our commitment to contribute to the Society through “Trick Art” By creating the rich environment, people’s heartwarming communication and educating the people.

We created and continued to evolve “Trick Art” as we wanted art to be available to everyone being able to offer new surprise and impression.
By creating the extraordinary world in the everyday life; where surprise arises and people’s conversation also arises naturally. It is our mission and joy to create such circumstance.
Furthermore, it is our belief and philosophy to challenge for the difficult theme and to reflect it to artworks by listening to the customers voice and idea.

Corporate Profile

Company Name SD Corporation(S.D=Space Design)
Address 5760, Takaku-Ko, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi prefecture, 325-0304 JAPAN
President Hiroshi Shimizu
Establishment September 21st, 1987
Capital Ten Million Japanese Yen
No. of Employee 42
Description of Business Planning and Development of Trick Art Museum
Development of Trick Art wall paintings
Planning and Development of Trick Art exhibitions
Planning, Development, and Management of Trick Art Museum
Museum under Direct operation
Nasu Trick Art Museum
(Nasu, Tochigi)
House of Trick Art Labyrinth
(Nasu, Tochigi)
Michelangelo Palace
(Nasu, Tochigi)
Tokyo Trick Art Museum
(Tokyo, Minatoku)
Yokohama Trick Art Cruise
(Yokohama, Kanagawa)
取引銀行 足利銀行黒磯支店、栃木銀行黒磯支店
主な取引先 電通、博報堂、ADK、札幌テレビ放送、青森放送、テレビ岩手、仙台放送、福島テレビ、新潟新聞、福井放送、テレビ朝日、フジテレビジョン、日本テレビ放送網、静岡第一テレビ、中日新聞、テレビ宮崎、鹿児島テレビ放送、小学館集英社プロダクション、東映アニメーション、東映太秦映画村、ハウステンボス、池の平ホテル&リゾーツ、凸版印刷、大日本印刷、三菱地所、東急不動産SCマネジメント
Founder Kazumune Kenjyu (1940-1997)

History of Trick Art

The origin of Trick Art

When we were painting the wall art of Sun and People on the mountain surface of harden concrete, passers-by them mentioned that “painting is moving”. The pedestrian felt like the painting is moving by looking at the production staff working in front of the wall. This event became the opportunity to create the artworks which people can experience the visual illusion and mysterious feeling through the paintings. We can say this artwork is the origin of “Trick Art”.

トリックアートの原点 創造の丘

Creation of the Hill

The birth of Trick Art Museum

“JAIB Museum(Edogawa, Tokyo)”, the first Trick Art Museum in the world was born in 1991 and “The House of Trick Art(Nasu, Tochigi)” the existing oldest Trick Art Museum was completed in the following.
Not only watching the painting, the concept was to touch, to take photos and enjoy the artwork in more friendly manner. The museum was named as the “Trick Art Museum” and attracted people’s increased attention since then.
There are now 17 Trick Art Museums in Japan through the evolution developed by production staff of SD Corporation. Japan is not only the birthplace of Trick Art but also the home of the Trick Art Museum where we keep dispatching “Trick Art” into the world.

  • JAIB美術館
    JAIB Museum
  • トリックアートの館
    The House of Trick Art