Trick Art Wall Painting

The Value Offered by Trick Art
“Space and Memory created by Trick Art”

Trick Art enables to offer the audience a surprise of “Oh No!” and a special enjoyment in the surrounding environment by creating the extraordinary moment in the close place to the sense of daily life.
People feel harmonious naturally in the mysterious space, which may be interpreted as a real or fiction, and the mutual communication is generated.
The memory of charming space and surprise created by Trick Art Wall painting develops people’s mutual contact and conversation and as consequence, contributes to perform a role on the revitalization of the local area.

The extensive space equipped with bright street soften the people’s mind.

(Ryogoku, Tokyo)

Mechanical-sounding wall transformed to the Jungle!?
It gives the refresh time after the long drive or make a good use of the Children’s education in good taste.

“Animal Paradise”
(Kamisato Service Area, Tokyo-Nagoya Expressway)

Flow through the completion of Trick Art Wall Painting

1How to make a contact

Please use the CONTACT FORM for your inquiry. We will inform you of the rough estimation based on the information provided.

What we need to know from you

Design Please kindly provide us with information as to what kind of design you wish us to make. We appreciate any of the images or explanation in writing for our reference if available.
Size & Production Site Please inform us of the size and production site(Inside or Outside)
Schedule and Budget Please inform us of the expected delivery schedule and your budget.

Contact person:Kamiyama&Shiina, Planning and Development Division



2Production of Draft Design and presentation

After we submitted the rough estimation, we will prepare the draft design if necessary.
*production schedule for draft design : Normally one week to 10 days

  • ラフデザイン
  • ラフデザイン

Case Study of Draft Design Proposal


The official estimation will be submitted after draft design proposal is presented.
We normally prepare our proposal approximately one week to 10 days after we receive the inquiry.
*Please ask the schedule when contacting us, as there might be changes due to our production status.
*We may visit the actual site when we think it is necessary.


3Actual Production and Delivery for Trick Art Wall Painting

Once the design is finalized through the step of design confirmation and make necessary amendments, we will proceed with the production of the actual painting on the wall to complete the work for submission.

  • 『トリックアート壁画』の実制作・ご納品
  • 『トリックアート壁画』の実制作・ご納品

Production Schedule

We will make a concrete schedule based on your expected delivery schedule.
Please provide us in advance if there is any point we shall consider including the conditions of installation site.



Trick Art Wall Painting


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